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Coolest Homemade Lighthouse Costume

My son Jordan decided he wanted to be a light house and instead of saying no, I said “SURE”! This was fun but tricky to make. I ended up building the frame with wire mesh cutting each peace out and then wiring them together with a stiff gauge wire. My hands got cut up pretty bad.

I then coated the entire frame with newspaper strips that we dipped in a flour and water mixture. I painted the outside and then used sticky foam to put around the window cutouts.We used the plastic insert that you put in work lights for the “glass” around the top and we had a battery powered rotating light inside. We even found seagulls to wire onto the top.

The rocks were made from Styrofoam chunks and we just painted them grey. We put a pillow in the top and that is what rested on his head while he was wearing the costume. I spent and entire month at the hardware store. I am usually sewing costumes so this was a nice change and so much fun!

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