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Coolest Homemade Lego Ninjago Child Costume

So my nephew is IN LOVE with Lego Ninjago men. I decided to make this costume. I wouldn’t say it was difficult but wouldn’t say it was EASY either…

For the head I used a red mop bucket and a large plastic bowl. Both bought at the Dollar store.

I attached the bowl to the mop bucket on the end that was open and used red duck tape to basically cover EVERYTHING on this costume. I then cut a hole the size of his head in the bottom of the mop bucket that was closed and attached some foam around it so it wouldn’t scratch his neck up. I also cut out a box for his eyes and entered a yellow piece of card stock and with a sharpie drew two black circles on it and cut them out and placed a screen that I got at Lowes so he could see through them.

For the body I used foam board that I purchased at Michaels and basically constructed it into the shape of his body. Had to measure him and then once I had it the shape I hot glued and started duct taping. It took awhile to duck tape this because I did the inside and outside of it. I then drew on card stock the dragon and used gold card stock for the flames.

His sword I used a foam sword bought at the Dollar store and once again covered it in duck tape and attacked it to the back of the costume.

His hands are two can cuzzies bought at the Dollar store and I split one in half with scissors and attached it to the top of the other and yes you guessed it, covered it in black duct tape.

The  feet were by far the hardest part of this costume. They were made from foam board but this costume was difficult to walk it. He basically put it on outside of the house and then walked to places from there. I did not do foam board for the bottom of his shoes where his shoe would just slip in these.

Coolest Homemade Lego Ninjago Child Costume

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