Coolest Homemade Lego Mini Figure Costume

My 8 year old wanted to be a Lego Mini Figure for Halloween but most of the online instructions were too complicated, so we decided to make our own Homemade Lego Mini Figure Costume.

The costume was made from lots of duct tape, a lot of cardboard, foam, some spackling paste, some mesh, Styrofoam, batting, regular foam, etc. It took a lot of cutting and shaping but we were pleased with the end result.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to walk, hear and breathe and he had almost no visibility but my children understand they must suffer for their art. The bonus was that all the teenagers asked to have their picture taken with him. I have only asked that he visit me in the nursing home in later years. I will have T-shirts made with this picture on them and wear them until I die. (okay, not really but it sounded good).

3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Lego Mini Figure Costume”

  1. I love it… I especially love the sacrifices your son has endured at such young age for the sake of an awesome halloween costume!!

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