Coolest Homemade Lego Man Zombie Costume

I make my own costume every year, so I was looking online for ideas. I found an artist who made his own Lego figures that looked like zombies. I went out, purchased a hot glue gun, a lot of spray paint, and some foam poster board. I brought some trash cardboard home from work, and began cutting my own Homemade Lego Man Zombie Costume.

The costume took about 5 nights to create (I usually finished one piece a night). There were some snags in the process, one being that it ended up being a lot larger than I planned, I ran out of hot glue sticks once (went through about 30 sticks) and had to piece the legs together because my cardboard wasn’t long enough.

Once construction was complete I got to work painting, turns out cardboard soaks up spray paint like a sponge (4 cans just for the head!), that got expensive so I just got a can of latex enamel for the body and legs. The costume turned out just as cool looking as I hoped, but is very impractical for movement and visibility. I can only see out of the mouth, and can only move my legs in a shuffling motion about 6 inches.

Sacrifices must be made in the name of awesome.

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