Original Homemade Lego Man Halloween Costume

I scaled one of those tiny Lego Men up to 8′ tall x 4′ wide x 2′ deep and constructed this Homemade Lego Man Halloween Costume with my brother out of cardboard, chicken wire, paper mache and paint. The entire body and legs are made of cardboard with the head made of paper mache.

The concept came from trying to come up with an iconic character that everyone knows, at least somewhere in the recesses of their memory banks, and making it enormous. It also had to be something original. Icons seem to have the strongest impression upon people and this one is sure to make people laugh! The intent is really to walk around the city on Halloween night and generate a lot of energy with everyone that sees this thing coming down the street. Should be a lot of fun tonight!

Thanks for your consideration, it was a lot of work!

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