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Coolest Homemade Lady of Starburst Costume

I have been making a chain from Starburst wrappers for years and finally decided to put it to good use so I made a Homemade Lady of Starburst Costume to feature it.

I decided to make a flappers dress using more wrappers. I flat ironed each wrapper and then hot glued them to a terry cloth beach cover-up. I also made earrings, a ring and a hair piece out of starburst. I died gloves the color of the pink starburst.

Favorite costume of mine to date!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Lady of Starburst Costume”

  1. that is so creative. I love it. How long did it take you to save the Starburst wrappers? the gloves you dyed are the perfect color pink for this. You are very smart. Absolutely love it. Great job!

  2. its a cute idea but why would you collect all those wrappers it just doesn’t make sense nor would I want to take the time but you look cute wearing the dress the scarf takes away from it though so just show off that cute tiny dress and wear it proud

  3. I used to make the gum wrapper chains when I was a kid -so it is cool that you took a fun kid’s activity, like making gum wrapper chains, and created a candy wrapper costume – both retro and creative!


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