Coolest Homemade Lady Gaga Inspired Wig

For a hair competition at work I decided to make a wig, GAGA inspired of course. I purchased several packs of platinum human weave hair to make it as real as possible. Using a stocking cap I glued on weave hair which had been colored prior to the start. The hair was glued in place going in a circular pattern all around the stocking cap. I hot glued a feather and tulle at the top to create my own hairpiece. I curled the hair with a curling iron and pinned them, sprayed them and let them set for a few days.

On the day of the competition I took them out and styled the wig with a softer yet still funky look. This wig can be washed and restyled easily because I went the extra mile and used the human hair. The effects would not have been the same with synthetic hair.

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  1. To the person who said something about not knowing she was dressing as Gaga.. she wasn’t. That’s why it says “Gaga INSPIRED Wig”

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