Coolest Homemade Kreeper Costume


What you are looking at is a home built STILT costume which I built based on several characters from movies and TV with a twist of medieval flair. I’ve always wondered if I could build a stilt costume that would not look like I was walking on stilts, yet be practical and functional but KREEPY and scary.

I would get asked ‘are you really that tall’ and I nod yes (just a small white lie).

The BONE STAFF doubles as an accessory and a balance pole even though I can walk freely without it. It’s especially helpful when walking through a busy night club. The belt was designed and built with sporting equipment and also the shoulders.

The skull on the chest shoots steam (secret) aprox. 5ft out using a mechanism I designed and the staff has a silk flame designed for the particular skull used (radio shack parts) and all skulls, belt, and shoulders were covered in approx 200 cotton balls and painted to look like decaying skin.

The pants were made from an altered costume pattern from Walmart, as well as the coat. The boots were made from costume latex boots covered in feaux fur. All powered by a rechargeable battery. Standing nearly 9FT Tall.

Hope everyone enjoys my homemade Kreeper costume.
Check my Youtube video (search for stilt costume). Here it is: