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Coolest Homemade Kool Aid Man and Kool Aid Girl Costumes

For Halloween 2010 my boyfriend wanted to be Kool-Aid Man more than anything. We Googled it for months, trying to find directions, an actual Kool-Aid Man costume… ANYTHING that would help us create what we knew would be such a unique task. The internet proved to be no help.

Late one night I sat straight up in bed and had an epiphany. I knew how to make the costume. A Halloween Cauldron, a BIG one. So we drove around Pittsburgh trying to find the largest cauldron we could. Finally we settled on one about 2.5 feet across and 2 feet high. We sawed it in half, then cut a whole in the bottom half for his legs to go through, and cut two arm holes in the top.

We attached the top and bottom with plastic gridded sheet expanders to double the height of cauldron. Then we wrapped the cauldron in quilt batting a number of times to give it the bulge of a pitcher. After that we covered the entire thing in stretchy red fleece, attaching it with spray glue.

We stuffed two white fleece tubes, one for the handle, one for the rim around the top, and attached them. I then sewed matching pants and sleeves out of the same red fleece material, attached the facial features also made out of fleece… and the Homemade Kool Aid Man and Kool Aid Girl Costumes Pittsburgh Edition 2009 was BORN!

I decided to accompany my boyfriend as a Kool-Aid Stand girl. I carried with me a sign saying “OH YEAH” on one side and “Kool-Aid 50 Cents!” on the other, and a vintage red Kool-Aid pitcher. We attended our annual city Halloween party and won two out of the three costume contests! It was such a great night. We’re going to bring Kool-Aid Man out again this weekend and hopefully we’re reign again!

Happy Halloween from Pittsburgh!

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