Awesome Homemade KISS Group Costume

I have always had a fascination with KISS costumes, but the authentic ones are SUPER expensive…and I never had enough people to join me. This year, I was able to convince my husband and another couple that we are friends with to go along with the idea, Homemade KISS Group Costume. The best part about piecing the costumes together was the thrift store shopping.

From my husband’s (Ace Frehley) red ski boots to our friend Matt’s (Gene Simmons) second-hand sports shop shoulder pads, everything that we collected was able to be jazzed up with silver spray paint, Christmas ribbon and LOTS of sequins, puff paint and glitter. Several hours each night for a couple of weeks went into completing each character’s detailed look. Oh, and did I mentioned the use of the guys’ high school jock straps?? Gross, but GENIUS!

The makeup took several hours to perfect that night, but once we all got together, the KISS magic filled the room! We definitely rock ‘n rolled ALL night!

2 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade KISS Group Costume”

  1. Love the costumes! I am myself in the final stages of completing our costumes for 2010, yes several weeks, shopping at goodwill and about 5 other stores to get it all together.

    This year ACE (my son) and Paul will join me… It is like 3 days before halloween and I think I did it, I`ll post some pictures soon, thanks for the inspiration and let us know if your dressing again this year…

    (I`m Dave KISS 16 on page 1)

    Happy Halloween!

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