Cool Homemade Kiss Demon Costume

My husband Paul made this Homemade Kiss Demon Costume for our son Jordan. When we saw Kiss here in Halifax back in July, my son thought it would be great to dress up like Gene Simmons.

The costume is basically made of cardboard and foam. The boots are made of sneakers with clay to form the face. Was great fun making and showing it off to friends and family.

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  1. My son in law made this for our grandson and I know for a fact that this ‘KISS DEMON’ costume was tedious and time consuming, but worth every hour put into making it. As each piece unfolded during the process of making it, I was more and more amazed at the outcome, considering it took cardboard, felt, sponge, play doh and spray paint to finish it. A job well done, and I know our grandson will be the envy of all the kids at his school party, not to mention all the comments Halloween night.

  2. Best homemade costume I have ever seen. Even better than anything you can buy. I think he should be a costume designer.

  3. Hi All….just wanted to let everyone know that my son was quite excited to see his picture on this site. He can’t wait to show off his costume at school on Friday and trick and treating Saturday night. Great website!

  4. What an awesome costume! I can’t believe the time and effort that went into making it. Great job Paul, Paulette & Jordan!! You guys are CRAZY!!

  5. Your homemade boots ROCK and I would love for you to tell me how you did them as I am Gene this weekend for a party and my costume is great minus boots……..Could you give more detail on boot making…………..HOPE YOU SEE THIS>>>>>>THank you..

  6. Hi Michelle…the boots started with a pair of my son’s sneakers. My husband covered them in cardbaord and then used play doh to sculpt the face. He then spray painted them silver and did some highlighing with black paint. He used an old shiny red christmas bag to cut out the red eyes. The top of the boots were made from craft foam sheets. We traced and cut out over 300 scale shapes and glued them on another piece of craft foam overlapping them to look like dragon scales. We used velcro on the back to hold them together when we folded them around our sons legs. He then spray painted the entire thing with silver paint. He added a few of the spray painted scales around the top of the sneakers to make it look like they joined together. It makes it very easy to walk done this way.
    I am glad you liked them. I think my husband did a great job. Lots of work, but very rewarding.
    Hope you have a great Halloween!

  7. The work and the details (and I mean detail) is soooo awesome. Someone missed their “calling” WTG – Gene Simmons has nothing on this…lol. Don’t know how you will top this one. “Rock On Jordan”.

  8. I agree this looks great and my son would like me to try and make him a pair. How did you put the cardboard on? How did the play-doh stay on? Any help would be great! Thanks

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