Coolest Homemade Jovie The Elf Costume

This Homemade Jovie The Elf Costume was actually a custom request from someone this last Christmas, we just happened to be roughly the same size so I could model it for photos (I plan on making one for myself though, soon).

The basic dress I made from a simple long sleeved, knee length dress pattern. It took about four yards of pink flannel (I wanted it to be cozy).

I also purchased a yard of white faux fur for the neckline, cuffs and bottom of the skirt (before I added the faux fur at the skirt, I sewed silver lace all the way around to show beneath it).

I purchased stick on red and silver glittery snowflakes and attached them to the bodice of the dress with fabri-tac fabric glue (this is washable). For the hat, I used a large sheet of pink craft foam. I cut a large cone shape, and cut a second large cone shape from the pink flannel that I made the dress from. I covered the craft foam with the fabric (you may glue or sew it), and added the red velvet band while it was still flat. Then I folded/rolled the cone shape, and glued it together with hot glue. Viola’, I had an elf hat!

I took more wide velvet ribbon and tied it at my waist for the belt. I’m pretty happy how this turned out.

Homemade Jovie The Elf Costume

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