How disappointed were you when your parents couldn’t find the perfect costume on Halloween?  Especially if that costume came from your favorite video game and local super stores just didn’t carry anything as cool. Well, that’s where “SUPERDAD” comes to the rescue. This year my 13 year old has been glued to his TV playing an online arcade game called Gotham City Impostors. One day around late August he asks me, “ wouldn’t it be cool if I can be an Impostor Joker from the game?” And so the idea was born to make his created character.

After a couple attempts to find something similar to the costume, I decided to create it myself.  Most of the stuff was found at different local thrift store around my area. I found different things at about 3 different second hands: In one store I found the elbow pads and the purple button up slacks. One had the orange t-shirt and golf shoes, but what really excited me and made me slightly giddy inside was when I found the purple slacks.

As we all know purple slacks for men are hard to come by. Once I found those slacks I knew I would knock this costume out the park. I knew that my wife had a jean jacket that she didn’t use any more so I took it and dyed it green. The flower was purchased at a dollar store, I just added the yellow center that was a piece of foam sheet. As soon as both of those pieces were done I hot glued them together.

The Mohawk, I created using wet foam cut into triangles and with my bare hands sanded it into rounded corners and a pointy top. Sort of an ice cream swirl top. Then, I took colored hair and hot glued the orange on the tips and green towards the bottom. I had a bald cap laying around from a previous Halloween and attached it to the bald cap with pros-aide adhesive. To secure it in place I rolled toilet tissue dipped it into liquid latex and tucked it into the uneven edges and layered more liquid latex until edges were blended. The rest was painting it and WALLAH, MAGIC!!!!