Coolest Homemade Jet Truck Halloween Costume

My 3 year old son Jordan wanted to be a jet truck for Halloween after seeing the jet truck at the race track over the summer, needless to say it left a lasting impression on him. All he talks about is jet trucks and race cars, maybe I warped his little mind at such a young age. So I was given the challenge of making a Homemade Jet Truck Halloween Costume.

Starting with a large piece of cardboard I commenced to making large origami with it. Once I made the framework then I painted. I then designed and die cut my own decals for it, having vinyl covered all of the wheels, rear fin, hood, trick or treat under hood and the rear flame for effect. The hood lifts for a place to hide his candy and it says trick or treat in a flame font and has a scary pumpkin also.

I think my son loves it so much he wants to play with it and I have to protect it so it lasts till Halloween. This was a fun project for me and I hope all who see it will like it. Thanks