Coolest Homemade Jellyfish Costume

MATERIALS NEEDED for this homemade jellyfish costume:

* Oversized (golf style) umbrella
* Pink iridescent fabric (1.5 yard square) ($3)
* White iridescent fabric (1.5 yard square) ($3)
* 2 white feather boas ($2 each)
* 2 pink feather boas ($2 each)
* White string
* Pink satin fabric for “dress” ($3)
* Pink scarf ($1.50 at thrift store)
* 4 mini clamps
* White tights
* White long-sleeved shirt
* Home Depot style upper body harness ($10)
* LED “tentacle” cap

We did an “undersea” theme for our costumes in 2009. I was the jellyfish. This costume took some time and ingenuity but it turned out better than we imagined!

The dress is a simple rectangle shape (pillowcase design) made out of pink satin. I left arm holes and a hole for my head to go through. I sliced vertical strips at the bottom of the dress so it would wiggle and look “jellyfishy” when I walked. I wore a long-sleeved white shirt underneath to stay with my pink & white color scheme. I added a soft pink scarf I had (it was a little chilly that night) and I wore white tights.

The jellyfish is made from an umbrella we had. I picked the biggest one (“golf umbrella”) and we covered it with iridescent pink and white fabric. I left it in the square shape so it would hang over and completely cover the umbrella. I also made sure the white fabric covered my face so I could still see where I was walking. The draping looked great when I walked.

We took the feather boas and simply attached them equidistant around the umbrella using mini clamps hidden underneath the fabric. We also used the same technique to hang white string at different lengths – thus creating tendrils. The clamps were used to attach the fabric, boas, and string to the umbrella so as not to permanently damage it.

Underneath my umbrella, I wore a LED “tentacle hat” that we bought at Sea World (you can find online at It strobed while I walked and made the entire jellyfish light up. It was perfect!

This homemade jellyfish costume turned out amazingly well and got lots of compliments.

TOTAL TIME: 5 hours

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  1. I’m sorry – I forgot to mention that I wore the Home Depot waste harness under my pink satin and we shoved the end of the umbrella into it and secured it tightly so my arms/hands would be free. The handle of the umbrella was straight so it could be held easily (and rather comfortably) against my back.

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