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Coolest Homemade Jelly Fish Costume

I found this homemade Jelly Fish costume idea online. I thought it would be fun to be something homemade and different for Halloween. I took a clear plastic umbrella that I got from the Dollar store, and used streamers, pearls, bubble wrap, ribbon and iridescent garland to embellish the umbrella to look like a Jelly fish. I completed the look by wearing a white dress, a white headband, some pearls and some long white gloves.

I got a lot of great feedback from my friends, it was so creative! The downfall to it was going to a house party where it was difficult to keep the umbrella up over my head, so a lot of people just thought I was a bride.

I still have it hanging in my storage unit, lots of people borrow it for Halloween, a couple have even won costume contests with it! I am VERY proud of my Jelly Fish!

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