Coolest Homemade Jawa Costume Ideas

The Homemade Jawa Costume Ideas took us about a week and about 50 bucks. The materials we used were 4 cheap brown snuggie look alikes for the robes, two cheap masks from the fabric store and 4 plastic toy containers that you get from the grocery store when you leave the cheap toys for 50 cents in the plastic bubbles. Those are what you want. A soup can, one tap light at the Dollar store, foil pipe insulation and four orange led setups from Radio Shack, 2 yards of vinyl and some Velcro and a lot of hot glue!

We made the cloaks out of the snuggies. We turned them backwards and added some fabric in the front so we can get in and out of them. Hot glued one side and hot glued Velcro on the other so we can open and closed them. Trimmed them with scissors to make them look worn and they are warm so if you are outside they are nice.

the hood was made out of pipe insulation and a metal hanger. Take the hanger and make an egg and then take the insulation and wrap it, it is flexible and you can bend it into shape then make a frame with the insulation so that it starts looking like a Jawa head. Then take duct tape and start connecting it. It is very light weight and then you can wrap it with the extra material from the snuggie. Hot glue it down, the hood is done.

The inner mask, spray paint the mask black then take the lids from plastic bubbles and paint them black too. Hot glue them under the eye holes then hot glue some foil on them inside of the lids. Drill two holes into the mask and lids then add your orange led. Stick them through the holes and hot glue them in place. Attach a battery and watch the eyes light up then take the plastic lids, sand them to make them look dull then attach them. These are the glowing eyes. Take a black tshirt and cut it so it attaches to the mask, just leaving the eye holes and mouth open. On the mask take the extra shirt material and attach it to the inside of the hood, you should not be able to see your hair or ears, everything is covered up.

Jawa blaster, my nephew gave me a pirate Paris toy gun. I just attached a soup can to the end with hot glue and screws and put a wooden block on the bottom to look like a clip. Then I sprayed the can and clip black. Put Velcro on the inside of the can and added a tap light. Great for night and the gun glows like a flashlight.

Leather bandoleer, made all the bandoleers out of vinyl and hot glue and spray painted foam circles for buttons. Old leather belts hot glued held up for three parties. It works out great, made a template out of foam and traced it onto the vinyl so they are all the same size, hot glued them together, they hold tight.

And if you really want to turn some heads I had a little speaker on the inside of my bandoleer with my mp3 player with sounds of Jawas talking on it and the Catina song from Star Wars. It’s pretty funny seeing peoples faces after you play this and walk up to them.

All my Homemade Jawa Costume Ideas were great for me and my fiancee. I cant wait to have kids and start making costumes for them. I am almost thirty and I still dress up. I love Halloween and making costumes. I have got a lot of great ideas from your website and i think the site is great. Hope you enjoy and you will be hearing from me next year!

Homemade Jawa Costume Ideas

Homemade Jawa Costume Ideas

Homemade Jawa Costume Ideas

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