Coolest Homemade Jack in a Box Halloween Costume

My son wanted a Homemade Jack in a Box Halloween Costume after playing with one in a store. He liked how it would pop up and surprise you. My son loved ducking inside and when someone went by he would pop out. He enjoyed the costume and so did many other kids and adults. It is a change from the usual and it makes you smile.

It is a cheap and easy costume. You need cardboard for the sides and top, wrapping paper to cover sides or paint, a tube from the wrapping paper or hand towels for the handle, clear duct tape, a silly hat, big hands or gloves, silly material for outfit or a clown outfit, make-up if you like and I used a push cart to make it mobile but you can use suspenders if that is cheaper.

I cut and taped four cardboard pieces together over a push cart. I then wrapped each piece in a different color wrapping paper. After that I attached my material to the box with clips. I cut a hole for the head and arms in the material. I used a silly hat and white gloves to accent my costume. It took me 3 to 4 hours to make.

I bought most of my stuff from a Dollar store so my cost was low. I spent about $10 to $15 total.