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Coolest Homemade In-N-Out Burger Group Costume

Imitation is a form of flattery, or so we hoped as we donned our favorite meal, the #2, from our favorite fast food establishment, In-N-Out Burger. This homemade In-N-Out Burger group costume was simple to make and extremely inexpensive.

The burger costume is made from cutting circles out of cardboard, covering it with brown fabric and stuffing, with added fabric for the cheese, special sauce, lettuce, and tomato and sandwich board straps to make it easy to wear. I took butcher paper, wrapped it around the bottom of the burger and painted it with the In-N-Out logo, just like at the restaurant.

The French fry tray costume is made from cardboard, and French fries are strips of Styrofoam painted yellow.

The cup of soda costume is created from hoola hoops of two different sizes (larger for the top, and smaller for the bottom), covered with white fabric and painted to resemble In-N-Out’s soda cups. The straw hat is made from a sheet of foam painted with red stripes.

Finally, the In-N-Out employee costume was created with a white button down shirt, black pants, and a yard of red fabric pinned in the back.

Homemade In-N-Out Burger Group Costume

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