I made these Ice Cream Sundae Costumes with lightweight rubber bowls, felt, sweatshirts, fleece and elastic. First I cut the arms out of white oversized sweatshirts and sewed a sleeveless t-shirt inside. I stuffed pillow stuffing between the sweatshirt and t-shirt. I cut syrup and sprinkles out of felt and hot glued that to the sweatshirt. Then I cut leg hole out of the bowls with a drill and little holes to put elastic suspenders through. I tried each end of the elastic so it would not go through the holes.

I then cut and sewed little pillows shaped like melted ice cream and pinned them to the sweatshirt. The last thing was to make cherry hats and I chose to make a toboggan. I measured the head and then sewed the seam and tied the tops. Then when it was time to put on I put the bowl on first then the sweatshirt over it, so you can’t see the suspenders. If it is cold out you could also put a while long sleeve shirt under it.