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Coolest Homemade Ice Cream Couple Halloween Costume

I wanted to make something different than other couples, so I decided on a homemade ice cream couple Halloween costume.

For my boyfriend’s banana split costume, I purchased the banana costume. I made 3 paper mache for the ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate). I covered each flavor of ice cream with silk fabric, you can purchase any kind of fabric. I used the extra brown fabric to make the chocolate syrup. Cut sprinkles out from using colored filt. Made a huge cherry out of red fabric for him and myself.

For my ice cream sundae costume I used pink and brown fabric as the scoop of ice cream, stuffed myself with about 8 yds of tulle, made my whip cream arms out of old long sleeves,covered with brown fabric for syrup and colored filt as sprinkles. Then top with the cherry and white filt under as whip cream. And for the cone I had leggings and just painted on stripes for the waffle cone effect. Hope this helped : )

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