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Coolest Homemade Hummer Costume

My daughter and I had to make a mode of transport costume for her school transport day. We decided on a Pink Hummer costume. We made it out of normal cardboard boxes, paper masking tape, paint and silver engineering tape. For the wheels we downloaded a pictuer of pink alloy wheels of the net and printed them out to the right size, cut them out and glued them onto the wheeles. I also got some foam tubing from work and put around the openings to protect her neck and back from being scratched by the cardboard.

The build time was spread out over 5 days and that was spending about 30mins a night. I found it very easy to make and she will soon be doing a space themed day so im currently working on a space shuttle for her this should be very good. Hope you like.

Homemade Hummer Costume

Homemade Hummer Costume

Homemade Hummer Costume

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