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Coolest Homemade Highlighter Costume

For Halloween me and my mom made a Highlighter Costume for me. We took a laundry bag and cut out the bottom so my legs could fit through, then we spray painted it neon yellow. Later, I sewed on some handles which I found in my basement, which I also spray painted neon yellow. Then I found some letter stickers at a craft store and stuck the word HIGHLIGHTER up the side, the letters didn’t really stick so I had to resort to ironing them on.

I finished the costume off with yellow tights and a yellow shirt to wear underneath. I also wore a bright yellow hat. I wore it to my friends Halloween party, and I was the hit of the night, amongst all the store-bought costumes my original idea brought the most attention from everybody. Plus, it didn’t get destroyed so I get to wear it next year as well! I can’t wait!

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