Coolest Homemade Hiccup Costume

Material needed:

Gray, long-sleeved shirt ($3 from Target)
Dark gray sweatpants ($5 from Target)
Brown “fur” ($5 from fabric store)
Tan fabric for belt ($1 scrap from fabric store)
Brown leather straps ($2 from fabric store)
Viking hat

For his school Halloween party, our son wanted to be Hiccup from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.” I couldn’t find a green shirt anywhere so we went with gray (close enough). I cut off the hem from around the neck and cut a V in the center, as well as at the bottom of the shirt. I used thin, brown leather strapping that I purchased from the fabric store and wrapped it around his wrists/forearms as well as weaved at the V in the neck. I hot glued and slip-stitched them into place.

The belt is a simple tan leathery-looking fabric that I hot-glued around his waist to his shirt and sewed on to reinforce. The vest and boot covers were made from dark brown coarse felt. I made the boot covers large enough to go over his shoes but tight enough at the toes so they’d be snug on his shoes. The fabric was rigid enough that it didn’t need reinforcements at the top of the boot. He just slid right in.

We already had the gray sweatpants and helmet from previous costumes. This Homemade Hiccup Costume was the cutest costume and super comfortable for him to wear at school. He was able to walk/run very easily with the boot covers on, thankfully!

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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