My 3 year old daughter decided that she wanted to be Hello Kitty for Halloween and I decided to go for “Mom of the Year” and making her a Homemade Hello Kitty Costume! I started by sculpting the head shape out of high density foam. I used an electric knife to cut the foam. Next I sewed a fuzzy white cover to fit. I used a small amount of doll/toy stuffing to fill in the ears and round out the cover to give it a very smooth face.

I made a “breathing and vision” section out of sheer white fabric to show a finished look. I attached the eyes, nose and whiskers next. The final step was to sew and attach the green bow to match Hello Kitty’s dress. Her outfit is a white pair of tights, a white turtleneck, a simple green dress and a pair of white gloves.

My daughter is so excited to go trick or treating and show it off at her preschool Halloween party!