To create my Homemade Hellboy Halloween Costume Idea, I started with the arm. Using children’s foam playmats I rolled them in a tube shape, layering up the pieces of foam, I then cut out the fingers, sticking them to a red welding glove and the horns from the same foam and sprayed the whole lot with red spray paint. The tail was made by stuffing a white stocking with wadding and wire so that it would move, I then sprayed it red and attached it around my waist with string.

For the wig I took took a bald cap and sprayed it red and stapled a plaited black wig to the back. I then glued on the horns. The gun was made by sticking together cardboard rolls around the barrel of a gun I owned, I then sprayed the barrels black. I got a meter of leather and made the gun holster and belt. I painted my face, arms and neck with red facepaint, and attached the sideburns and goatee which were originally a mustache set I found. I wore black trousers and long sleeved top, boots and a long mac, finishing of the look with the all important cigar!