So, being the movie fan I am, the list of Halloween costumes is rather long. However, at the top of the list for a long time was a Homemade Hellboy Halloween Costume. So about three months prior to Halloween I got started.

This included growing my hair and beard to shave back on the day, making a tail, the belt and of course the right hand of doom that is not only red and doomy, but holds a beer!

I started with the fist cause that was going to be the trickiest bit. It’s made of blue insulation foam that I carved, glued and sanded into shape, the step by step build is on my facebook page here…

Note: the insulation foam worked great for keeping my beer cool during the party!

The belt is thick vinal with a sculpted buckle, rosary beads and a few pouches. My tail was sewn by a friend and stitched into the black pants and the horns were the same blue foam as the fist stuck to my head with spirit glue. My hair was all grown and then shaved on the day with a bit of black hairspray to finish it off!

 Hellboy Halloween Costume