This Homemade HellBoy Costume was inspired by one of my favorite comic characters HellBoy! The most difficult and time consuming part of the costume was the fully functional hand of doom and everything else was either handed down or bought (i.e. makeup and adhesive).

On, I found a video of a guy who used an old glove and rubber bands to create an armature of a robot hand. So out of red Styrofoam and pieces of foam puzzle pieces (used to cover floors in kids play rooms) I followed the step by step instruction from the video but altered it to make it look like the Hand of Doom that Hellboy. I made sure and added small details, like draw in crack in the foam to make it look like it was made of stone.

The filed down horns that where made of small foam pieces, bought at Michaels, that I painted and used gum paste and FX makeup adhesive to attach them to my forehead. Fortunately enough I am already bald, so I just grew out the little bit of hair that I did have left and my beard, so all I did was shave it down to make it look similar to Hell boy’s and apply red makeup with a makeup sponge to the exposed areas of my skin.

The clothes: coat, boots, belt, cigar….etc. were supplied to me by my friends as well as parts from costumes from years past. All in all it was one of the best costumes I ever had, in part because I made most of it myself. And the reaction from people was great!