I made the whole Homemade Hellboy Costume from scratch (except the coat, which was an awesome purchase off eBay). The idea came to do Hellboy as I needed a costume for my birthday party and it was the release of Hellboy 2 on DVD (and I am a big fan of the comics).

I started by making the ‘Right Hand of Doom’. I was looking at buying the foam version that’s available in shops, but it was so expensive I decided to build one myself.

I drew up some designs on paper before actually moving onto building it. The forearm is essentially a layer of foam (for comfort) wrapped up in multiple layers of corrugated card. The hand and fingers were little bit trickier; layers of corrugated card were cut out and curved into shape around my clenched fist, with foam used as bulk for the fingers.

I added a little pole in the middle of the hand to make sure it didn’t start slipping off. I used strong wood water based glue and electricians tape to hold it all together. Extra detailing was added with thin card. After all the building work was done, I covered it in papier-mâché (I was intentionally rough with the application to give it a stone like texture).

I then painted it red and added shading to the recessed areas. The detailing was drawn on with pencil and painted over with a detailed brush and a steady hand.

The head piece was made by painting a bald skull cap, bought from a dressing up store, red. The filed horns were made from oasis (available from all florists) and covered in liquid latex and painted. The hair was theatrical hair stuck to the skull cap using liquid latex.

I used rubies red face paint for my skin (it’s like a cream paint in a tube) and sprayed with hairspray to stop it rubbing off. The belt was simply the belt from the raincoat with a printed out logo on whilst the beads are just wooden beads on string.