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Coolest Homemade Heavy Storm Trooper Halloween Costume

I’m kind of a Star Wars geek, and what better to celebrate Halloween then creating my own modified storm trooper outfit! I built this Homemade Heavy Storm Trooper Halloween Costume with cardboard, duct tape, electrical tape, white spray paint and a whole lot of time and love.

I used reference images from all 6 Star Wars movies to help develop the suit. Creating the Helmet was the most fun and challenging. The eye pieces were made from cutting a pair of tinted safety glasses in half and reversing them to fit into the eye slots. I added a visor and some cool little ear slots that don’t exist on the original storm trooper, and I gave each piece a little more detail including beefing up the lower leg and boot armor to make it more of a heavy look to it.

The gun was made from an old Corvette muffler with a Nerf popgun handle a vacuum hose, some plumbing tubes, and black duct tape.

The suit took about 3 weeks of intense labor and two fully sleepless nights to finish before dawning it on Halloween. But if you ask me it was absolutely worth it. GO STAR WARS!

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Heavy Storm Trooper Halloween Costume”

  1. Man this is by far the most awesome storm trooper costume of all time. I would love to see a hi-res pic. Great job. I might try and pull it off for next year. If you have a hi-res, you could email it to elnino7@gmail.com. Thanks!


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