You know how hard it is to please the family for those big holiday dinners? You can’t go wrong with this meal! I made this Headless Costume with a thrift store dress, an old backpack, some newspaper, masking tape, and craft paint. I took two long cardboard wrapping paper rolls and put wadded up newspaper between them, then wrapped them in masking tape. I inserted that into the backpack to use as the shoulders for the dress.

Then, I taped more wadded up newspaper on the top for the neck, I covered that in masking tape and painted it to look bloody. For the arms, I put the dress on the backpack (make sure it’s an extra large button down dress), and stuffed the arms with newspaper, I then hot glue gunned the yellow latex gloves onto the sleeves of the dress (stuff them with tissue to look like they have hands inside). I took a foil lasagna pan and hot glued various plastic vegetables inside and painted it with red paint. I cut a hole in the pan so it would fit around my neck. Next, I glue gunned one glove to the foil pan, on the other glove I used velcro so I could get in and out of it easily. To put it on, I put the backpack on first, stuck my head out of the 4th or 5th buttons on the dress, pulled my head thru the foil pan, velcroed on the glove, and added an apron to hide my legs a little better and complete the look.

The outfit cost $12 to make and took about 4 days total since the paint has to dry before you can move on. Thanks and Happy Halloween!