Coolest Homemade Head on Platter Costume

I wanted my son to be something original this year. It worked, as everyone loved his Homemade Head on Platter Costume. People were constantly taking pictures of him at the homes we visited and people walking on the streets. Many of them stated that his was the best costume they have seen all night.

It cost me very little money as most things I used were from the Dollar store.I used a lot of hot glue and Velcro to secure things to the “table”. The giant centipede is actually gummy candy. The flickering tea candles were actually operated by tiny batteries (also from the Dollar store). The two black mice and the various sizes of spiders added to the creepy mood. Once everything was glued down, I splashed some fake blood all over to make it more appetizing.

To help him have better control balancing the box, we cut 2 small rectangle holes on both sides of the carton. It helped him especially going up and down the stairs. With the table cloth covering the sides, no one could see his hands.

I will never go back to store bought costumes again! This was so much more fun all around!
Overall we were a big success.