Original Homemade Head on a Platter Costume

My son Taylor is so creative and he wanted to make his own costume this year. He wanted make a Homemade Head on a Platter Costume. He usually likes to be something scary on Halloween.

I found this spider platter and a blood-dripping table cloth so we started from that. We had a box from our television that we cut up and used to make the table. When we went shopping, we found fingers, eye balls and mice to place on the table. We glued the eyes on the leaves of a plant to make it appear as if they were sitting on a bed of lettuce. We even found a heart that glowed and changed colors.

The tea lights were placed in a couple of plastic skull shot glasses and really added character, especially at night. We had so much fun making this Head on a Platter costume; it was by far the most memorable Halloween ever! He got a lot of attention and compliments this year and he LOVED IT!