Original Homemade Haunted House Costume

This homemade haunted house costume is by far one of my coolest costumes I have ever made. I made this for my Grandson, everyone loved it! He would also sit down in it and it looked like a normal Halloween Decoration. Then he would stand up and totally scare everyone!

To make: Buy two foam pieces from fabric store. Make a box, no bottom and with a flat top. I made mine with a hot glue gun, it works great. Cut hole in flat roof for head to go through. Cut out windows for arms to go out on the side. Make roof with triangle back for shaping the roof. Spray paint roof, sides & doors. Use colored foam board (at the hobby store) for cutting out doors, windows and planter boxes.

Glue twigs and dead grass on sides (use imagination). Add spider web material and spiders. Add moon with pipe cleaner. Add battery operated lights. Purchase scary mask or paint face. Buy filmy material to pin to arms to look like ghosts.

Also great for yard decoration on Halloween with scary music coming from it.

Homemade Haunted House Costume