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Original Homemade Hamburglar Costume

Being that Halloween has been my FAVORITE day of the year, I am known to always appear in a handmade costume with any necessary PROPS in hand. My best friend and I enjoy the month of October for two obvious reasons… Halloween and McDONALD’S MONOPOLY GAME PIECE TIME!!! We figured it’d only be appropriate to express this via costume at our city’s annual fright night bash!

At first, I discussed with my friend how I thought the Hamburglar would be perfect for her… and it was then that we saw it vital I go as the Hamburger! Week of Halloween, I began to create our attire. Being that we are in our twenties, we spiced the outfits up a tad!

I hit up the fabric stores around town in order to make the cape, tie, tops, and juicy McDress! Can’t paint the town without a purse in hand, but unfortunately those only become a hassle on Halloween… NO WORRIES! I had sewn in two pockets (one on each side) of the Hamburglar’s cape and attached a wristlet holder to a McDonald’s To-Go bag to take care of the goods! Now we are hands free and ready to getting every Photo Op possible for this wild night!

Homemade Hamburglar Costume

Homemade Hamburglar Costume - (caught in the act!)

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  1. Make the tie with iron on transfers! I’m going as Hamburglar this year too, and that’s what I’m doing!

    I found this one as well, and she made hers with posterboard and foam…looks great!


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