My son thought it would be cool to have a Halo Halloween costume.  After much searching on the internet, I found some helpful advice on Youtube.  I took cardboard and cut it to shape.  I bent it to fit my son’s body and spraypainted it with metallic green. 

I then cut additional pieces of cardboard and glued it to the leg, arm and chest pieces to give it depth and character.  I attached elastic that I found in the sewing section.  I attached these with hot glue and used hot glue to glue the cardboard together. 

This costume was a bit time consuming.  Prepare yourself for some blisters, between cutting the cardboard and hot gluing.  You can come up with all sorts of ideas on this costume though.  It was a very cheap costume to make.  I really only had to pay for the spraypaint and I purchased some curly shoelaces for the helmet. 

The helmet I cut into cardboard pieces and hotglued together.  I bought some yellow plastic that you would wrap flowers or gifts in and hot glued it to the inside of the visor.  ENJOY!