Our Green Plastic Soldier Costumes, “myself and my husband” were made out of real military clothes. My boots were my son’s worn out army boots and my husband’s were a pair of his own work boots. We used plastic hand grenades and attached them with Velcro. Our guns were my son’s old Airsoft rifles. The helmets are real military helmet liners I found on line.

We bought green Halloween witch makeup. The gloves were purchased at the local CVS. And our platforms were old pieces of carpet with the foot holes cut out. We glued carpet fibers around the foot holes so it looked like our feet were sunk in and attached. After gathering all of our stuff we went to the paint store a bought a gallon of green gloss latex wall paint. We applied the paint with a sprayer, several coats. We even needed to buy another gallon.So we used a total of 2 gallons of paint.

I didn’t think of taking pictures while making them. We had a lot of fun making this Homemade Green Plastic Soldiers Unique Couple Halloween Costume Idea and didn’t run into any snags along the way. I hope you like them. Thanks