Coolest Homemade Green Army Man Costume

I made this Homemade Green Army Man Costume for my husband. He looked just like the little figures that come in a bucket and which also featured in the movie “Toy Story”.

The first thing I did was buy a few tubes of non-smudge green face paint. I then matched the color exactly with a shade of green paint at Home Depot. I bought a gallon of this paint which was Behr Premium Plus in semi gloss.

I went to an army surplus store and bought a pair of khaki BDUs. I painted the outfit with the Behr paint. I also painted a store-bought helmet and a toy gun.

I then painted a pair of his old Timberland boots and gorilla-glued each one to a piece of linoleum tile, bought at Home Depot and modified to serve as a stand.

I used the face paint to cover his face and hands.
I made sure he closed his eyes and mouth, when pictures were being taken, so that he looked completely green!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Green Army Man Costume”

  1. COOL!!! thanks for the suggestion!! I may do that and for my husband if I can get him to match the costume. I was wondering what type of paint and all was used.

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