Coolest Homemade Gold Fish Costume

I decided to be a Homemade Gold Fish Costume, but cute. Orange was the color I was in love with at the time.

First, I needed scales; I found a light salmon colored old lady sequined sweater at Goodwill. I dyed it with RIT orange fabric dye. The boiling process curled the sequins so they looked even more scale like. I took in the top by hand to be a little sexy. I found an orange satin bridesmaid dress at the same store; I cut the skirt off and made it much shorter. I sewed a homemade tulle tutu to puff out the skirt to be my fluffy fish tail. My hair was dyed bright pure orange as well, a color difficult to maintain.

The makeup was really the focus. I was inspired by a face paint design I found online and altered it to match my idea. Originally it was a swamp creature design, dark and scary. When I was done, I was cute. Oil based, professional face pain worked best, though expensive, it last a long time and has made many costumes come together.

Gold Fish Costume

2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Gold Fish Costume”

  1. you have a terrific creative ingenious design. thanks for the fabulous idea. it may turn into a rainbow fish costume. happy halloween 2010. cheers.

  2. Love the costume my favorite parts of the costume are your use of your very own bubbles very large bubbles they look very nice.

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