I have always loved Halloween and always will! I remember being a kid and running up to my mom in the summer months (usually with a ice cream cone in hand) when some sort of costuming brilliance came into my brain as if by magic. I must tell her so we can sew my costume and have it ready in 5 months! YES! Sometimes an ingenious costume or idea would come to me the day after October 31st (perhaps I was hopped up on a sugar high?) and I would have to go write it down and give it to my mom so that it was ready for next year. YES. I can’t help it. I am 39 years old and still have costume ideas pop into my mind at all times of the year!

Last year, I had gone through a bad breakup and wanted something that would require assembly and tedious fastening and sewing… something to take my mind off of my wounded heart. I have a love for Jellyfish, especially the bioluminescent ones! How they glow from within (like a magical light source!) and move with ease through water! Wait… what if I could make myself into one of those? Tedious – check. Lots of hand sewing? – check. Wait… I can get battery operated EL Wire and light this baby up too?? YES!!! And so it began, my glowing Jellyfish costume!

Hoarding various types of bubble wrap, getting tulle fabric of various colors, some battery operated lights…a dress to sew strips of fabric and lights too! I even turned an umbrella hat into a Jelly head!! So, after hand sewing and light placement and battery pack hiding… here is what I looked like!