This Homemade Girl in a Tub Costume is simple and affordable!

I took an old Rubbermaid bin and spraypainted it with a high-gloss white paint. I then cut out the bottom of the bin so I could fit inside! I staple-gunned two straps made of nude-colored panty-hose inside the bin, so that the bin would be at chest level. I hot-glued shampoo and conditioner bottles, a bath puff, a towel and razor, and even a faucet, along the rim of the bin! To make the faucet I covered paper-towel rolls in aluminum foil.

I bought some nude-colored shorts and a nude-colored tank-top. I then staple-gunned white and blue balloons to the inside of the bin to look like bubbles, and wore a pair of flip-flops to complete the ‘bathing beauty’ look! It was a huge hit and cost me next to nothing! A little tricky to walk around in all night but well worth it!