Coolest Homemade Genie Costume

My daugter’s Homemade Genie Costume was a total DIY idea. We started with a plain teal long sleeved shirt from a local resale shop. My grandmother gathered the center to achieve the trademark genie belly.

She then added some star tulle to the sleeves and we dressed the bottom of the shirt up with some coin embellishments. To give her major bling, we bought a fancy necklace that complimented the colors.

The hair was a long black wig that we simply tied up in 3 pony tails in the back. We took some sequin elastic and some remaining tulle we had left from the sleeves of the shirt and created the veil.

The “magic carpet” was foam board with a hole in the center for my daughter to stand in. We added deep colors of fabric over it and around the base to hide her real feet. The fake feet on top were created by my grandmother by trial and error.

She won first place at a local Halloween contest and left a ton of little kids clueless as to how she was flying!

And the greatest part about this? Her entire Halloween costume cost less then $20.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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