Cool Homemade Gene Simmons KISS Costume

We decided to do Kiss this year because they are on tour and we are going to see them in concert. Now we can wear our Homemade Gene Simmons KISS Costume to the concert as well.

I made the Gene Simmon’s costume for my husband out of 2 yards of vinyl. I used pictures of the actual costume that I printed online and went from there. The studs are actually colored rhinestones over which I put aluminum tape and then glued on to the vinyl with some strong fabric glue. We bought the boots and used the aluminum tape to make the teeth on the bottom. The wings were two pieces of vinyl glued together and then elastic bands were sewn on through which to put his arms.

I used cream face paint and drew the outlines with a black eye pencil. Do the face white first and then go over the white with the black.

Hope you enjoy!