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Coolest Homemade Furry Monster Costume

My son wanted a Homemade Furry Monster Costume for Halloween. I thought, “No problem. A monster costume should be easy to find”. Oh, how wrong I was! Hours of fruitless internet searches drove me to dig out the sewing machine. It was easy to find a pattern for a basic body suit, but then the Great Fur Quest began.

I went to every fabric store in town and was on the verge of just buying the white fur that seemed to be abundant everywhere and making him go as the abominable snowman. Finally, at the LAST store (of course) I came across this purple fur. Yeah, I know, purple is a “girl” color, but it’s also Perrin’s favorite. It was kismet.

Once I had the supplies, I began the sewing. In spite of my sewing machine’s reluctance to sew through the thick fur, it actually went pretty quickly. The hood, I had to make from scratch using a basic idea of how it should be sewn. I used a sparkly, striped fabric to make horns and claws for the hands I made (also with no pattern) and attached to the bottom of the sleeves. Some felt and hot glue created the eyes and teeth, simple Velcro closures, a piece of fleece for the tummy, and there it was.

It was unique and so much warmer than those store-bought costumes. My son loves it and so does everyone else! I’m considering adding a tail and feet to really complete the look, but I’m not sure how well a tail would fit in the car seat! Although, I COULD make it detachable.

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