Coolest Homemade Football Halloween Costume

My son is a huge Michigan fan so I came up with this idea of a Homemade Football Halloween Costume and he loves it.

What you will need:
1 box (sized for your child)
Pvc piping: 2 elbows, 1 tee and 1 8ft. straight pipe
1 can yellow spray paint
1 can white spray paint
3 yards green indoor/outdoor carpet
1 football
1 tube liquid nail
Misc. supplies: masking tape, duct tape, number and letter stencils, zip ties

First cut a hole in the box for arms and head then put on liquid nail to hold carpet on. On the inside of box use some duct tape to hold carpet in place till dry. Lay masking tape out to paint yard lines and numbers. Then use stencils to spell out MICHIGAN for the end zone and paint with yellow spray paint.

Assemble piping cut to length to make field goal and paint yellow. Once dry put in top of box where hole is cut out for child’s head and secure with zip ties. Finish off with a football flattened on child’s head and there you go, a touchdown!

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