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Coolest Homemade Flying Witch Twins Costume

I made the Coolest, Homemade Kids Witches Costume for my twin daughters Brinkley & Brooklyn. They love to bounce in there “E & I’s Baby Bungee Bouncer” so I decided to use it for their Flying Witch Twins Costume. It also helped with the fact that trying to keep 2, 18 month old girls together and walking would just never work.

So I took 2 of their Baby Bungee Bouncer’s and a piece of 1/2″ conduit with connectors and just used the harness placed over the conduit with a connector on the ends to keep them from falling off. I put a rolled up towel around the bar and put it over my shoulders like I was the letter “T’. I then put the girls in the harness and put their witches costume over it with small holes in the shoulders so the harness could come through.

I then zip tied their brooms to the bottom of their costumes so it would look like they were flying. I also needed to cut 2 small holes in each of their hats since they were wider than width of the harnesses. They were such a hit, that I couldn’t walk 10 feet without someone stopping to take our picture. I felt like a rockstar. It was pretty awesome. They loved it too. We had so much fun that night.

Homemade Flying Witch Twins Costume

Homemade Flying Witch Twins Costume

Homemade Flying Witch Twins Costume

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  1. this is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,I need to make(well more like my life needs to,as I help her in all I can with it)one like this,but in my case it would be a wizard and witch Muahahaha ^^


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