These group homemade Flintstone’s costumes were very easy to make!

Betty’s costume was made from a Simplicity pattern. Basically any pattern you like will do. I liked this one the best. Royal blue broadcloth material was used. The bottom of her dress has triangle cut outs to look more jagged. I purchased black ribbon and a white button for Betty’s necklace. A black wig is needed with a royal blue bow pinned in.

Barney’s costume is made of brown felt with jagged cut outs on the arms and at the bottom. The criss-cross at the neck is black felt and sewn on. A blonde wig is needed.

Fred’s costume is made of orange felt with jagged cut outs at the arms and at the bottom. The black spots are felt and are sewn on. Fred’s tie is also made of felt.

Pebble’s shirt was purchased at Target. The black spots are made of felt and sewn on. Her shirt also has jagged cut outs. Pebbles also has black shorts and tights with pink legwarmers.

Wilma’s costume was purchased on eBay.

The bone and caveman bat were purchased at a Halloween store.