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Coolest Homemade Flintstone Family Costume

My 8 month old daughter was our inspiration for our costumes this year! Ever since she was born we have been told how she looks like Pebbles! So I decided to make a Homemade Flintstone Family Costume for Halloween.

I went to Hobby Lobby for the following:
– about 2 yards of white fabric
– 2 1/2 yards of Orange fabric
– 1 yard of purple fabric
– 1 yard of black fabric
– about 7/8 of a yard of blue fabric for the tie

Luckily, Hobby Lobby had their flannel on sale for half price so I hit the jack pot there!

I have never sewed clothing before so I did this the EASIEST way possible. I grabbed a dress that I can wear and I did the same for my daughter. I traced them out on the fabric, leaving about a half inch on each side of my daughter’s dress and about two inches on each side of my dress, just to be safe, and then cut them out. These costumes are great because you don’t have to worry about hemming them as they are supposed to look jagged.

For my husband’s costume, I just took a pair of his pants and a shirt and made a pattern from that; I did the same with my son’s skirt. I cut the black fabric into triangles and sewed them onto Fred’s, Pebbles’ and Bam Bam’s costumes.

To make Fred’s tie, I rolled the blue fabric diagonally, until it looked like a tie, and then I cut the extra fabric off and sewed it together. Remember the tie is supposed to be long. I used the leftover black fabric as the strap on Bam Bam’s costume. I then cut out shapes of two bones that I had drawn on the leftover fabric; one for the Bone bow in Pebbles’ hair and the other sewn onto Bam Bam’s costume.

For Wilma’s necklace, I just used an old bracelet and made a necklace with it. I have heard you can also use cotton balls or craft balls. To make Wilma’s hairstyle, I pulled half of my hair in front of my face and put the rest of it up in a bun. I then took the front of my hair and flipped it over to the side like Wilma does and then I pinned it and sprayed it really well!

We actually won the Cutest Family costume award at our Church and we had a lot of fun with this! We really do look like the Flintstones !

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