Coolest Homemade Flamingo Costume

For our brother’s 21st birthday we decided to have an Animal Party Pub Crawl. I couldn’t find an animal costume that I loved enough to buy so I decided to be original and make my own! I found a pattern for a child’s homemade flamingo costume that I thought was really cute – when cutting out my pieces I just added several inches to the pattern.

The homemade flamingo costume is made out of a fleece base which I lined with a jersey fabric. I cut out each piece separately and sewed them all together – the head is a separate piece from the body.

After constructing the entire body came the painstaking task of sewing on the feathers. I used about 12 pink feather boas – the pattern called for 6 boas, but again, this was for a kid and a kid I am not. I started out sewing the boas on but towards the end I ended up doing a half-sew/half-hot glue gun. The beak portion is made out of foam that I sewed together.

In the end it all came together and I was very happy with the outcome.

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