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Cute Flamingo Homemade Costume

I bought a corset and glued all sorts of pink feathers (from Hobby Lobby) to the corset for this Flamingo Costume.

I bought pink tights from Target, and cut feather boas to glue in the inside of the tights, kind of making a skirt. I made the back of the “skirt” longer than the front feathers, so it would have a tail effect.

Made a necklace from ribbon and feathers. My wings were bought from Hobby lobby and were just wrapped around my arm since they were made out of wire.

Materials Needed:
Two bags of feathers from Hobby lobby (pink and assortment of pink colors)
Long feathers also bought from Hobby lobby in the floral dept.
Pink tights and Corset
Glue (hot glue or fabric glue)
Ribbon for the necklace

Homemade Flamingo Costume

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